In Pennsylvania:


Wines represented by ViNo Bliss can now be purchased in many of your neighborhood Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores. 


To find which stores carry each wine (as it varies by location), follow the steps below:


1. Go to the Fine Wine and Good Spirits website, OR click the link below:


2. Put the mouse curser in the field to the right that says, "Name or Code"


3. Enter one of the PLCB item numbers found in,  "The Wines" page, which is to the left of the homepage of this ViNo Bliss website.


4. Click on the "Locate store" tab. 


5. Be nice to your local Fine Wine and Good Spirits wine specialists and other staff.


6. The rest is just good sippin'!


Tasting Notes for Retail Consumers
You want to take o look at the Wines online? Do so with in our Tasting Notes -a selection for retail consumers.
Tasting notes 2015_total line-up-for-ret
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